Discover everything you need to get in shape, increase nutritional knowledge and gain a strong and healthy mind in our Rewrite Your Story Challenge.
What is your story and are you reliving your past into your future? Are you replaying the same loop of anger, sadness, unhealthy choices, and regret like a hamster wheel with no exit. 

In 2009, my story was one of a woman who was overworked, struggling to find the energy to be a mom, a business person, a wife, and a 30- something who was falling into the trap of middle age.

It's almost like we don't have a choice, we just buy into the lie that our fit and active days are behind us and we are aging and can no longer live an adventurous, fit and healthy life. 

That was the story I kept telling myself and it took me to a miserable place where I was overweight and extremely unhappy with me. I felt helpless to change it and day after day I stayed in the same vicious cycle of pain.

That's when I decided to rewrite my story and to do that, I had to not only do the work, but I had to stop allowing myself to believe the self-limiting BS I had become consumed with.

Today, at 45, I'm healthier and happier than ever. I've learned that what I tell myself does matter and that my only limitation in this life isn't time and it isn't resources; it is my own mind and the story I tell myself. I'm leading by example for my children and teaching them that self-care is indeed the most important part of our collective journey.

Over the next 8-weeks, work with me, my husband Keith, and our team to rewrite YOUR story. We will help you with fitness, whole food nutrition, mental health exercises, and meditations, inspiration, and engage you with an uplifting community to become your best self. 

This program isn't just about having a fit body, it's about having a fit LIFE. We want you to rewrite the unhealthy aspects of you so you can CREATE the present and future you want to achieve. 
Listen below to our Team of Coaches
Coach Keith and Michelle
Coach Lorrie

Coach Kristi

Coach Tami 

Our Challenge is Simple.....This is How It Works
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Happy with your Mental Wellness?
Happy with your Relationship with Food?
Happy with your Fitness Capabilities?

If yes, then this is not the program for you....But if there was a "NO" to any one of these questions or all then this is the program for YOU!!
Increase Your Mental Wellness
Focus on becoming more single focused and getting things done!
How To Create A New Love Of Real Food
Focus on choosing the foods that will taste good and nourish your body!
Increase Your Fitness Ability
Focus on exercises and movements that work for you and your lifestyle!
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Here Are Some Of Our AMAZING Client's Results From Current Challenge.....This CAN BE YOU!!
Hear What Our Challengers Are Saying:
Coach Michelle Asked, "Okay challengers...
If you could give a stranger some advice, nearly 4 weeks into this process, about why they should start their own journey (either with us or on their own)
What would you say??"

(These are actual quotes in their own words)

Erin ~

"I would let that person know that changing your lifestyle for the better by choosing clean food and exercise changes you in a million ways. But you will never experience this feeling unless you choose this road and I will be honest it is not easy it is a struggle but becomes easier the more you do it. Life is not perfect nor is our lifestyle but if you make good choices it is a much more happier life"

Justin ~

"Make the change today, live your life again instead of existing. Each day you challenge yourself to be healthier and each day this leads to feeling happier than before. Your energy returns and you walk around with a more improved outlook, smiling at everyone. It will change your life."

Tracey ~

"Ok it’s hard to start but well worth it. It surprises you with what you learn about yourself and the food you eat. It also gives you a renewed joy and love of basic foods and appreciation of how your body responds to different food groups carbs proteins vegetables. Also helps you find better leaner sources of whole foods. It’s about exploring whole food possibilities and ignoring the simple support to help you move more."

Pam ~

"I used to be in pain getting up off the floor, walking from my car into a store, etc. and I parked close and I used to loath having to exert any movement for any distance due to the pain in my joints, back, feet, etc. Just changing a few things and I can move so much easier due to drinking water, giving up sodas completely and eating clean. All of a sudden it was like an AHA moment!!! Now I’m taking the next steps and making more positive changes to build strength and endurance. Simple changes in the right direction provide a better life in many ways."

Melissa ~

"Before putting my health first, I lived in a world where I rewarded myself for a bad day with an Oreo milkshake or a half a pizza. My rationale was “because I deserve it”, never realizing that by rewarding myself this way, I was creating all of my bad days. It’s been absolutely life-changing to come to that place - to know that food is not a reward, but a way to fuel yourself so that all of them (yes even the bad ones) are good days. Once that clicked, it was easy to see that a diet is a race that you’ll never finish, but changing your perspective on what you put in your body has life-long effects. I’ve tried every trick in the book to help me win that race, but Jump Start truly gave me a way to stop running towards a superficial goal and start changing my outlook on food."

Jenn ~

I would say... “you ask why, but why not? Why not put yourself first? When you take care of you, and put good things in (mentally, nutritionally , physically), you get great things in return. You will feel empowered, in control and feel great inside and out”. 

Jenny ~

"Make your health, your fitness, and your self esteem a won’t regret it. You will never know what all that processed food and preservatives due to your health and well-being until you’ve done some clean eating for a few weeks. It’s amazing and you’re worth it. There is no excuse. We all stumble but get back up! You will love who you see in the mirror."

Kym ~

"After the first few days of detox and headaches, I’m amazed at how quickly my inflammation went down. Only a couple of weeks in, my arthritic pain was lessened substantially. That was a benefit I hadn’t even known was coming. Also my food cravings for sugar and carbs are gone! Food is now a fuel for my body and it wants the best it can have! My clothes are fitting looser and I’m feeling great! I can’t wait to see how I’m feeling at the end of the challenge."

Karen ~ 

"Learning to live a fit lifestyle is not a task you want to do solo. Find a proven program, like My1FitLife, that will educate you to the world of clean eating and fitness. A program that will guide and support you as you change the way you fuel your body with whole foods, building muscle and losing the fat that is detrimental to good health. You'll soon be amazed at the way your body responds to your healthy lifestyle choice. You are worth it!"

Maura ~

"I would say Just Start - no more excuses or stories of why you can’t. It won’t be easy but keep pushing through no matter how slow you start out. Little by little you notice that each day becomes a bit easier. You don’t have to do everything perfectly- Just Start."
Why Join Our My1FitLife Challenge?
It's Simple
We walk you through the challenge week by week in Fitness, Nutrition, and Mind Set. Everything you need is online and you don't have to buy a bunch of extra's.
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Workout at home, gym, or out in nature with easy to follow exercise videos. Do it on your time and with your resources. We have workouts for all fitness levels. 

It Works
Over 50 years of combined coaching experience helping 1000's of people reach their fitness, health and lifestyle goals. It's not just workouts, it's all you are. 
  •  A New Attitude - How To Create A New Love Of Real Food
  •  A "Cheat Meal" - Recognizing Who You're Really Cheating and How To Incorporate Less Than Perfect Eating For Living In The Real World
  •  How To Redefine "Treats" and "Rewards"
  •  Take The 'Metabolisms Reboot' Challenge for Creating a Clean Slate To Build On
  •  Ground Zero - Clearing Your Palate and Letting The Real Flavors Of Whole Foods Change Your Perspective On Eating
  •  Guide to Personal Meal Planning
  •  Personal Expert Help From Our My1FitLIfe Coaches
  •  Private Challenge Facebook Page For Support and Continued Learning
  •  World Class Workouts
  •  Train at Home or the Gym
  •  Step by Step Exercise Instructions and AWESOME Videos to Insure Proper Form
  •  Weekly High Intensity Interval Training (HIITs)
  •  “Fit in Five” 5 body weight exercises, 1 minute each with options to modify up and down and/or add rounds
  •  “Tackle Ten” 10 body weight exercises, 10 reps each, with options to modify up and down and/or add rounds
  • Advance Options with both body weight and added weight exercises for those who are experienced and want more
  •  Personal Expert Help and Modifications From Our My1FitLife Coaches
  •  Weekly Homework For You To Help Better Understand Your Story
  •  Weekly Meditations 
  •  Weekly Journal Entries
  •  Weekly Life Changing Mental Exercises
  •  Lessons to Help YOU Succeed Even after the Challenge
  •  Personal Expert Help From Our My1FitLife Coaches
  •  Weekly Homework to Help you Develop Mental Skills you can use in Every Day Situations
Meet Your My1FitLife Team!!!!!
Keith Baumgard
Co-Founder of My1FitLife and Live the List Non Profit

Keith is the Co-Founder of My1FitLife and has a vast knowledge base on anatomy and physiology. Fitness has been a life-long passion of his, starting from a very young age. Keith has an advanced degree in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine, which has allowed him to extensively learn and study the anatomy and physiology of the body, specifically the muscular system. Having an extensive educational background allows him to develop unique and effective exercise programs far beyond traditional trainer workouts. Keith experienced his life-changing loss in 2004 when he lost his best friend in a plane crash. This loss helped him realized how important exercise and fitness are in helping people through the grieving process.

Keith has written for numerous professional sources and is an avid Spartan racer and athlete. 
Michelle Steinke-Baumgard
Co- Founder of My1FitLife and Live the List Non-Profit

Michelle is Co-Founder of My1FitLife and is an emerging expert in the world of fitness. After the loss of her late husband Mitch, in 2009, Michelle became engrossed in fitness as a way to cope with her grief. Michelle soon decided to leave her corporate job and devote her life to helping others get fit for all the right reasons. Michelle became a coach in 2012, after her own 70-pound weight loss journey. 
Since turning her career to fitness, Michelle has been featured in Fitness Magazine, Shape, Woman's Day, Huffington Post more. Michelle is also a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and has contributed several articles for Prevention Magazine. 

Michelle's released her first book for HarperCollins in late 2017, and it has become a best-seller focusing on using fitness as a grief coping tool.
Tami Bliss
Director Of Mental Wellbeing

Tami has a passion not only for mental health but also for physical health and fitness. She holds a double Masters Degree in Community and Rehabilitation Counseling. During her graduate school years, her interest and emphasis were on eating disorders. She has worked in a variety of mental health settings, including group and family counseling, individual counseling, Adjunct Psychology Instructor at the University and Community college levels, and at-risk youth. Tami is a certified Personal Fitness Trainer and certified Group Fitness Instructor, and enjoys teaching a variety of group fitness classes part-time. Her other interests include spending time with her husband and three boys, who are very active in sports, music, and school activities.

Doubles Masters Degree in Community & Rehabilitation Counseling.
Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Certified Group Fitness Instructor
Lorrie McFadden

Director Of Nutrition

Coach Lorrie McFadden is a clean eating enthusiast! She began her career in nutrition serving healthy meals to homeless youth and adults in Portland, OR. Her own personal journey to health began when she lost just shy of 50 pounds practicing what she now shares with her clients: a healthy and holistic relationship with food and a balanced understanding of fueling for life. After finding a new way of eating and living, she received her certification in Nutritional Consulting (C.N.C.) and has gone on to study Food Therapy and Wellness Coaching.

She is currently serving clients in one on one, group settings and at My1FitLife Adventure Weekends. She's loves showing clients how great life can be when they give their bodies every opportunity to succeed with real food and a large serving of self kindness!

C.N.C. Certified Nutritional Consultant
Kristi Marshal
Director Of Fitness

I get it. Life is crazy and there are not enough hours in the day. I understand where you are coming from. I want to help you define and meet your personal goals for fitness. I have Midwestern roots and a degree in Health Promotion. I have had the opportunity to work in a number of unique environments to help expand my knowledge of the industry. I am a working Mom, have 2 beautiful kids and a wonderful husband that are a constant reminder of how strong and profound human relationships can be. I have been a competitive swimmer from the age of seven through college. I enjoy the water immensely and would love to work with you on stroke refinement, triathlon readiness, injury rehab, or with your children to help them learn to swim and feel confident in the water. You may be at a place in life where you are trying to figure out how to do it all. I constantly remind myself that it is about inner peace, not “balance.” I would love to help you find some quality “you time” so that you can be the best mom, daughter, husband, wife, and/or partner that you can be. It is possible!

BS- Health Promotion, University of St. Thomas